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ACP, Inc. offers a unique approach to payroll over our competitors in that we don't hold your payroll funds in escrow to pay your 941, 940 and SUTA liabilities. When those particular liabilities are due, they are transferred via the EFTPS or FL DOR sites from your account to the various taxing authorities. The only money that is transferred to ACP, Inc. are the fees due on your pay day. This way, you keep your money in your account and it maintains its fluidity until it needs to be transferred.

ACP is dedicated to providing impeccable customer service with reliable accuracy. We offer the type of customer service that only a small local company can provide. Be assured the integrity of your business information is safe with ACP.

The greatest gift any company can receive from their clients are referrals. ACP offers Rewards to our clients as a thank you for their referrals, either by reduced processing rates or gift cards.


130 N. Tropical Trail
Merritt Island, FL

Contacts Info

Phone: (321) 639 0099                    
Fax: (321) 639 0011